Hadasim Agricultural Development LTD

Hadasim has been a very significant connecting link between the agricultural sector and the food processing industry. The company was established in 1980 by Yoram Ben Ami, and has been dealing with supply of fresh vegetables (like sweet corn and beans) to the canned and frozen food industry, and to packing houses as well. hadasim senior team includes a Doctor for environment sciences, Agronomists, and operating and technical maintenance people.

The system
Hadasim working process starts by translating processing plants production plans into vegetables planting plan. Accumulated experience enables Hadasim to estimate very accurately the scope of required cultivating land, and it's wide data base enables Hadasim to time carefully the planting dates, in a way that will prevent fields abandonment, and will ensure consecutive supply to the processing plants.

Based on the planting plan, Hadasim arranges the contractual connection between the processing plants and the growers.

Later on, the company takes care of an operating turn over which includes, inter alia, agricultural follow up of the growers along the crop growing season, starting from planning stage, preparing a crop protocol based on international quality standards, growers assimilation of quality demands, and guiding the growers in standard authorization process. 


Hadasim's supervision of the critical stages in the growing process, ensure a qualitative agricultural product, meaning appropriate ripening level, with homogeneous characteristics,without damages and pests. An additional important quality factor is safety agricultural production i.e. a product without pesticides remnants, without GMO, and without foreign materials or weeds.
In the optimal appointed time, Hadasim harvests the crops, using her own harvesters, and ships it to the processing plants, using full trailer trucks owned by Movilei Amir - a sister company. There is a critical significance in vegetables industry, to shorten the lead time between harvesting the crop in the field, and processing it in the factory. Hadasim and Movilei Amir logistics set which operates 24 hours a day, together with the company's planning capabilities, ensures that this lead time will be always minimal.
Advantages to the processing plants
♦ Hadasim ensures that the processing plants receive the exact quantity of vegetables ordered, and in a synchronized mode to production timetable.
♦ Hadasim ensures the processing plants a minimal lead time between harvesting in the field and starting processing, which is a critical parameter for final product quality.
♦ Hadasim ensures the processing plants a sequence of fresh vegetables supply, for maximization of production efficiency.
♦ Hadasim ensures the processing plants a qualitative and safety agricultural product.
♦ Hadasim ensures the processing plants that all growing stages, harvest and transportation, are controlled, supervised and coordinated with international quality standards.
♦ Hadasim takes care of by products created in the processing plants, and sell them as livestock food.

Advantages to growers
♦ Hadasim ensures the growers that all their yield will be purchased by the processing plants.
♦ Hadasim ensures the growers a professional guidance and follow up.
♦ Hadasim advises the growers of all aspects regarding following international quality standards, and passes the authorization process together with them, within a multi site growers organiztion.

Research & Development
Since it's establishment Hadasim has cooperated with the Israeli Agricultural Ministry, and with research companies in Israel and abroad, in trying to improve agricultural crops.
On top of that, Hadasim has invested during the years substantial capital in R&D of improved corn varieties.
This has been done by a daughter company - Galilee Seeds Research & Development.
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